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Love Fish Tank

Love Fish Tank

Love Fish Tank - All you need to set up your first aquarium to stocking beautiful fish you love

Why 20 gallon aquarium is a great tank size for beginners?

When you plan to set up your freshwater aquarium minimum you should look at a 20 gallon fish tank to ensure a stable environment for your fish. Smaller aquariums become difficult to work with as the fish become crowded very quick and they are prone to poor water conditions. Also you will be unable to fit many decorations or plants if you bought a small tank.

How to choose your first 20 gallon fish tank

There are many things you have to do when you actually decide to buy your tank. The size of the tank, the volume of water it holds and the general shape will be factors that will choose which fish you will end up buying. Previously we have discussed the different shapes of aquariums and sizes involved, so buying the correct tank to house your fish of choose, whether it’s an individual species or a large community tank you have got your first step done correctly.


Aim to buy the biggest tank that your budget and location can allow, as the increase surface area will allow for better oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide exchange and will improve the stability of your overall tank.

Small aquarium tanks will quickly lose their temperature if the heater as faults and if the filter stops very quickly decrease the quality of water which will lead to further problems.

20 gallon aquarium tank shape

Odd shaped tanks can look very impressive in your living room, but they can have several drawbacks, mainly the shape will affect the oxygen exchange in the water.

The exchange between the oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs on the water surface therefore a tall tower tank will have a low surface area compared to its total volume of water will have a lower exchange compared to a short tank with a large surface area.


Consider the other products you will have to buy as an odd sized tank will give you difficulties to buy items like hoods, lights and other equipment. Even you can find the right fit for these it probably cost more than standard sizes.

Cleaning an odd size tank will give difficulties as you may not be able to reach the corners especially if they are tall and thin.

20 gallon aquarium fish stocking

Fish capacity is simply the total number of fish in your aquarium without affecting the aquariums stability. Again a tall and narrow tank will not be able to carry as many fish as a tank with a larger surface area. Always remember fish will grow so buy fish with the knowledge of the fish’s final size.

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