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Love Fish Tank

Love Fish Tank

Love Fish Tank - All you need to set up your first aquarium to stocking beautiful fish you love

The best 3 gallon fish tank for Betta and stocking the tank

Marineland Eclipse acrylic aquarium is the best 3 gallon Betta fish tank to showcase your Betta Fish at your office or home. It is fabulous for those who are interested in building an under water environment or novice level hobbyists in rearing Crowntail Bettas.


Marineland Eclipse Betta fish tank features

The Build

Marine Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System is available in a few sizes and shapes, mainly a curved front system of 3 and 12 gallons, corner Hex 5 and in a shape of Hex 5, offering you a choice to fit into any tight corners. The unified acrylic aquarium is transparent and is light in weight.

You will notice that the lightning anf the filtration feature is located under the hood, therefore giving you a 360 degree panoramic vision of your Crowntail Betta’s home. There is a luminous lamp that offers a perfect glow that would highlight the beauty and shades of your beloved Betta Fish as it swims elegantly around the tank.

Ease of Setting Up

The Marine Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System is easy to set up. It is designed with simplicity in mind and it comes complete with the right filtration and lighting systems, saving you the money and hassle of going around trying to buy the suitable filtration and lighting systems.

A manual is provided for you so that you can set up the tank properly and the step-by-step guidelines will enable you to set it up within minutes.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your Marineland Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System is simple even for first timers in keeping the Crowntail Betta as a pet. You would need to clean the tank once a month, changing of water, cleaning the tube and replacing the filter.

Product Specification:

Dimension: 14 x 12.5 x 16.9

Shipping Weight: 6.3 pounds


This System is competitively priced between $39 to $59 depending on the sizes and shapes that you would like. For people who are keeping the Crowntail Bettas for the first time, they do not need to buy any of the high end tanks. This 5 gallon system would do very well in keeping your Crowntail Betta fish happy. Just check out the more than 200 reviews here.

Betta fighting fish aggression and stocking

You have heard a great deal about male betta fish and how it defends its territory and fights off other male bettas. That comes from a long tradition in the wild since they lived in small sections of shallow water. In most cases, the food was not sufficient to support two males. The second male was also a threat to the opportunity to bred by the first betta.

Betta fish fight, but given the right circumstances they can dance and play and build bubble nests.


You can take several steps to keep betta splendens from fighting. The first way is fairly obvious, and that is not to put two male bettas together. If you want to place a female in to the tank, then it is best to do that slowly.  A great approach is to place two tanks adjacent to each other with the male and female in separate tanks. They can become accustomed to each other, especially the male with the female. It may take a week or so, then he will be more willing to accept her into his tank.

Keep a close eye, however, and remove the female if you see any signs of aggression. Continue the familiarization process in separate tanks for a while. Then reintroduce her to his tank. This is all normal.

Siamese fighting fish do have extreme ways of displaying their concern over other bettas entering their territory. You can see them make themselves more menacing by flaring out their gills to make them look larger. They may even flare up when seeing a reflection of themselves.

If you have a new male betta, it is best to let him get used to his new home before you place mirror in his tank to see his reflection for excitement. Anytime you do place a mirror in with your betta, don’t leave it in too long, as it will stress him out.

Betta splendens can bring great joy, even with their traditional aggressive tendencies.

Buy the tank from Marineland.

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