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Hagen AquaClear Power Filter and filter media review

Hagen AquaClear Power Filter are designed to fully exploit the benefits of removing aquarium waste both mechanically and biologically. The waterfall style output of the filter agitates the water surface while creating beneficial currents throughout the entire volume of the aquarium.

Hagen Aqua Clear Power Filter Review

Filtering basket allows you to add both the manufacturer’s filtration cartridges and your own filtering materials. Includes a patented system for easy flow adjustment. Dust cover reduces evaporation.

AquaClear filters are decent products. They are inexpensive and very easy to maintain. I use them for my hospital tank and also use them as backup filters if needed.

They are good filters but I hesitate to recommend them because they do have two big problems:

1) They have difficulties in self-priming. When the filters are unplugged or the power goes out, they may or may not automatically restart when power is reconnected. Because of that, the filter may run dry and burn if you’re not home to prime it. I went throught over AquaClear 20 filters because of that.

2) They may overflow out the back and drain your aquarium to the depth of the inlet tube. It hapenned to me a few time.

Bottom line: If you can afford it, get a better quality filter. If you can’t, get the Aqua Clear.

Hagen AquaClear Foam Filter Insert

Hagen AquaClear Foam Filter Insert

The Hagen AquaClear Foam Filter Insert works through mechanical filtration, trapping debris and unwanted material. The foam is specially designed with optimum pore size for the most efficient filtration and amazing results. The Bio-Filtration Cycle Guard also ensures a constant cycle of beneficial bacteria to properly regulate the environment.

That will be a quick review because it’s just a foam block after all. I use them with all my Aqua Clear filter and also as a pre-filter. It work well and last forever. People from my LFS tells me to replace them once in a while but I don’t see why I should do that. I have been using the same foams for over 5 years without problem.

Because I am cheap and don’t like to buy new fish tank filter media, they are the only media I use in my AquaClear. I fit three in the filter and live them there forever. All I have to do is to rince them once a month. I know they are made for mechanical filtration but they will also hold enough bacteria to do a good job.

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